Got you !!!!!

Anhinga after successful hunting trip with freshly speared fish !!! Sushi for lunch !!

Northern Hawk Owl

Owl coming in for a landing

Roseate Spoonbill

Trying for a natural vertical capture finally lucked out with one !!

Landing egret

Egret landing at Little Estero Lagoon, great place for afternoon shooting. You will get different color reflections from the nearby condominiums.

Snail Kites Mating

Male kite just moving into position for mating.

Tufted Puffin

From St Paul Island in the Pribilofs a tufted puffin on a rare day with sunlight !!!

Anhinga & Prey

Female anhinga with freshly caught fish.

Egret Stare

Great Egret concentrating for its next meal. bg is vegetation diffused by the wide open aperture.

Look what I got !!!

Female anhinga with freshly caught fish ... proud girl and terrified fish.

Fire in the mist

Canon 1DMk2 500 f40 IS f 10 1/4000 sec ISO 200

Look at me !!!

Snowy egret on the beach, image made lying on the sand with dark rain clouds in the bg,

Baby Spoon

A juvi roseate spoonbill coming in for a landing. find the young ever better looking that the adults.


A couple of Sandhill Cranes taking off early morning from their roosting pond at Bosque del Apache

I'm here !!!!!

Cattle egret starting to get its breeding plumage ... not sure what it was up to !!!

Fighting for a nest

This image was made the same day as my wife's award winning image recently posted. This one entered the North American Nature Photography Association contest and got an award being picked as one of the top ten images for the year. It is currently on NANPA Website. Great day for us but not good for the flickers ...... got evicted by the starlings !!! Put up a good fight but there were just too many of them !!!

Bringing the food !!!!!

Atlantic puffin returning to the nesting area with lots of food for the little one !!!!

Soft landing

Early morning in Little Estero Lagoon South West Florida, Egret landing after short hop looking for breakfast

Osprey with stick

Start of mating season, male brings nesting material for female. Great interaction when they land !!! Meter of sky and open one and one third stop.

Osprey with Sheepshead

Osprey with freshly caught sheepshead coming in for a landing. Marco area in Florida

Got you !!!!!

Anhinga with just caught fish ... happy bird !!!!!

On guard

Burrowing owl guarding the nest while companion makes remodeling

Atlantic Puffin

Canon 1DMk3 600 IS 2.0X f 9.0 1/1600 sec ISO 800


Canon 1DMk2n 600 f4.0 IS 1.4X f8.0 1/1250 sec ISO 400

Pretty Eyes

Male anhinga in full breeding plumage.


Canon 1DMk2 500 IS 2.0X f8.0 1/2000 sec ISO 400

Intense puffin !!!

Puffin returning to colony on Gull Island in witless Bay Newfoundland. The island is an ecological reserve and a permit is needed to land on the island ... well worth the trouble. Landing is difficult and done from a Zodiac, no landing beach ... you jump up unto rocks and its a hike to get up to the birds !!!

Hello !!!!

Anhinga with mouth open just after sunrise.

Nesting season

Male Anhinga returning to nest with a branch. Part of the courtship and nest building/repair. These birds are tough to photograph for bringing out their colors, this one caught just after sunrise so the underside was totally lit !!

Atlantic Puffin

Image made from boat taking a large group out of Gull Island in Witless Bay NF Tough going hand holding a 600 lens with a 2X converter from a rolling boat !!!

First Light !!!!

Egret standing in the lagoon looking at the abut to rise sun. Shooting directly into the light. This camera was not as noise free as the current so we tried keeping the ISO lower and take a chance on the sharpness at lower shutter speed. Noise in the dark tones would have been noticeable.

Great Blue Heron up close

Image from Everglades National Park Fl Made backlit as the sun was coming up with fill flash


Osprey returning to nest with nesting material

Crested Caracara

Caracara fixing to land Central Florida

Crested Caracara

Caracara in flight

Bird Fight

A pair of snowy egrets having a disagreement !!

Looking at me !!!!!

Canon 1Ds 500 f4.0 IS 1.4X f 5.6 1/500 sec ISO400

Red shouldered hawk

Red shouldered hawk from Everglades National Park Florida. Birds was sitting high up on a tree so I backed up with a 600 and 2x to flatten perspective

Gull at sunset

Gull just after preening at the end of the day, natural water color from setting sun and a touch of flash was use since the image is backlit.

Tricolored Heron Fishing

Early morning a Tricolored Heron going after small baitfish for its breakfast

Baby Skimmer Begging

One the beach a baby skimmer going after one of its parents begging for food

Low flying

Gull skimming over the water

Early morning spoon

Image made right at first light looking straight into the sun's reflection. Colors are natural with exposure set at ambient plus one. Flash used to light up the bird set at minus one and two thirds on ETTL

Osprey and catch

Osprey with fresh caught fish, made at Everglades National Park in FL


An Oystercatcher banking against the mangroves in the rain.

Pushing the wave

Duck just landed in soft late afternoon light. Color of the water comes from reflections of nearby tree.

Gull in Gold

Gull bathing in the surf with light being reflected from the cliffs San Diego Ca. Great for late afternoon shooting when there is low tide !!

Great Horned owl

Great horned owl from Central Florida

The Great Osprey Fight

Two nesting ospreys being attacked by a third bird Everglades National Park FL

Tricolor Heron

Tricolor heron fishing early morning in tidal pool

I'm Tired !!!!

Great Blue Heron caught in an awkward moment ... probably not appreciated !!!!

Night Heron Fly By !!

Got one at the end of the day at Everglades National Park. These tend to stay away and start a bit late !!

Ibis in gold

An ibis taking off from a pond, reflecting light from the surrounding trees are giving the pretty color to the water.


Canon IDsMk2 500 f4.0 IS 1.4X f 8.0 1/1250 sec ISO 250

Sandhill Crane Posing

Canon 1DMk2n 600 f4.0 IS + 2.0X f 8.0 1/1200 sec ISO 400 Sandhill Crane from Bosque del Apache, bg is out of focus cornfield by extreme magnification.

The Crane Family

Sandhill Crane mom feeding two small chicks

Baby Crane

One of the two baby sandhill cranes calling mom

Golden hour

Shooting straight into the sun with lots of fog over the water, best light of the day.

Snail Kite

Snail kite calling while returning to the nest area

Great Blues arial dogfight !!!

Taken at Venice Rookery in Florida a pair of male GBH going at each other. Several other fights had erupted close to the nest during the day.

Snowy Plover Chick

Canon 50D 500 f4.0 IS 1.4X f 5.6 1/4000 sec ISO 400 With ground pod

The Eyes

Double Crested Cormorant in full breeding plumage

Blue Goose Blur

From Bosque Del Apache A blue goose coming in for a landing to the corn fields. Adjusted shutter speed for 1/15 sec for the effect. Just try getting a fairly sharp head area with a blurred body. btw for these is best to use a ND filter to keep from having to stop down so much ... did not have one handy for this one A .9 filter would be fine (three stopes)

Tightrope !!!

Purple Gallinule moving around looking for food. These birds are tough to get out in the open and need light for the colors to come out.

I feel good !!!

Just a duck having a good day.

Looking at you !!!!

White egret fluffing its feathers and giving an intense stare.

Got one !!!!

Skimmer bringing food for its babies. It is amazing to see the little guys trying to eat this monster ... fish is about their size but they do try. At times they just sit there with the tail sicking out of their mouth.

Great Blue & Catfish

Great Blue Heron with freshly caught catfish.

Down the hatch

Double Crested Cormorant with freshly caught fish. Just about to swallow after a bit of a struggle .... not with the fish but with other cormorants :)

Red-winged Blackbird in flight

One of the more difficult birds for me in flight and don't have many of the species. They were flying that morning to and from the nest area and managed to track one with the long lens.

Hello !!!

Razorbill from from Machias Island Main. Two hour boat ride to the island and two back ... then there is good chance you will not be able to land because of swells and the smaller skiff can not dock. If you do get out and have decent conditions (overcast) birds are plentiful. You shoot from hides and get about one hour before heading back. Long trip but worth the gamble.

Goose Flight

Inspired by my wife's just posted blur bringing out one of my own. These can be pan, zoom or motion. This is a pan blur. Light was getting a little strong so best thing is trying blurs. For keeping the aperture at a reasonable level a .9 ND filter was used which reduces exposure by about three stops.

Stretching out !!!

A little different pose and look but always liked this image.

The Little Guy !!!

Burrowing owl standing by its nest. Image made crawling to the bird on my belly with a medium tele lens. The orange on the back is actually a reflection from the sun on a home which I was trying to line up with the bird.

The Foot !!!!!

Looks big and mean but just the foot from snowy egret. Like to isolate body parts and try something different .. lots of feet :) Did not raise ISO for this since the camera used did not have a good ISO performance, today would have gone much higher.

Bad hair day

A double crested cormorant in full breeding plumage. This one is just about peak with the inside of mouth blue.

Where is the birdie !!!!

One of the great places for gannets, Cape St Mary's Newfoundland. Its walk to get out to the rock, about one mile but worth it. Weather is usually a problem with heavy fog most of the time.


A pair of Black Skimmers going after each other over the colony.

Mating behavior

Part of the mating ritual of the laughing gulls is for the male to regurgitate the food bollus which the female happily accepts.

Handsome !!!

These turkey vultures are so ugly that they actually look good. Here is a pair of them is very soft light just after sunrise. btw these are very well behaved compared to their cousins the black vultures.

Little Green Heron

Top view is my favorite for this bird, always happy to get a chance.

Ibis in pink

Ibis returning to roost at the end of the day.

Returning to base

From St Paul Island a horned puffing returning to its nest.

Fire in the Myst Two

Warm day followed by sever cold weather can bring this conditions to Bosque. They last for a few seconds and they are gone.

Mutton snapper

Made in the Cayman Island and it was a daylight image. Just used f 16 to render the bg sort of dark and use the large strobe as flash as main.

Goose Blur !!

From Bosque del Apache NM A goose at a slow shutter speed with cottonwood background. With light getting a little harsh these type make for better images. Used an ND filter to control the aperture.

Your mine !!!

Night heron about to swallow a fiddler crab. Tore most of the legs and claws by this time and didn't take him long.

About to Strike

One of the harder birds for me to get clean is the least bittern. This one is about to strike a fish. Did get a sequence but all behind the green branch.

Mating ritual

This is the normal mating ritual for the least terns, male gets a fish then gives it to the female and mate. Went out this day pre-dawn raining and by eight in the morning when I made this image a huge storm hit. One of the few times I have feared for my safety due to severe lighting while crossing the lagoon. Glad it worked out .. also the rain gear for the 500 and camera !!! All dry !!

Green on duckweed !!

Little green heron flying over duckweed

Fishing Time

White egret fishing late afternoon. Water color comes from reflections of condos back to the water all natural. The bird is in full breeding plumage. btw this image the AF was not grabbing due to contrast and switch to manual focus.

Skimmer Flight

Skimmer flying overhead heading back to the colony.

Bosque del Apache

Late afternoon in the cornfields before the birds take off for the night. Shooting against the light.

Show time at Bosque

Pre dawn is the best time at Bosque. You set up at the main pond looking into the sun and hope for a morning like this one. Bright red skies. Conditions lasts for seconds then the birds will take off by the thousands and you hope the sun is high enough for good light .... but not over the mountain. One spectacular sight and sound !!!

STK Banking

Swallow-tailed Kite Banking with clear blue skies. One of my favorite birds.

Purple Martin

One of the fastest birds and more difficult to capture. We have the best chance with favorable strong wings as they return to their nests.

Sunset spoon

Walking out of the lagoon found some spoons with the sun setting behind them. It was getting dark but water was still nice. Did use fill flash for this image. Flash actually helped make a sharp image at that slow shutter speed.

Bosque Balstoff

Snow Geese congregate at the corn fields in huge numbers at blast at times which can be spectacular .. other times you can sit waiting for ours and nothing happens :) This image was made from the top of a step ladder which I bought in town and took around the top of my truck. Vegetation was so high you could not see the birds but with the ladder perfect !!!!!

Willet in flight

A rare treat for me capturing a willet in flight with pleasing bg. Lucked out as I had just removed my 500 from the tripod to do some crawling around and was able to track him hand holding. Seldom shoot without the tripod but will If I have to.

I'm home !!!

A Tricolor juvi returning to his nesting area. They are very aggressive following the parents begging for food. Image made before sunset with very little light, flash used.

Banking Crane

A sandhill crane from Bosque taking off and banking. At times we luck out with the wind ENE and have some excellent chances for flight. Early morning.

Bat !!!!!

From one of the temples in Egypt. Found some bats and they seem cooperative just there wasn't much light at all !!! Scanned slide.

Oystercatcher & Chic

One my wettest shooting days, we left the car pre-dawn for the beach with full rain gear one. Never stopped through out the morning, just let up a bit at times. We did have a good time the oystercatcher and chick. Both parents were present and they had two chicks. I understand one did not make it.

Sunset Time !!!

This is one image not a composite. Had seen the sailboat approaching and was hoping for some bird to get in the way. Image is full frame and only crop for proportion .... the bird was luck plus a few pieces of bread :)

Snail Kite in the rain

Snail kite returning to nest in pouring rain, fun day to shoot :) Used a slower shutter speed than normal for capturing the raindrops a little better. ... from my Nikon Days :)

Bosque Balstoff

During the day geese and cranes fly to the corn fields to feed congregating in large numbers. At times they blast off and makes for an impressive sight. A coyote or raptor might send them into panic. Afterwards they return and the cycle starts over again. At times there can be more than ten thousand birds but there is no certainty of a blast off.

Sandhill Crane Motion Blur

From Bosque de Apache NM. Crane taking off early morning on its way to feeding grounds .. cornfields. Bird was at enough distance to use a very slow shutter speed for the blur. Just cropped for proportion, about full frame.

While doing some mudding

Best way to capture the little shore birds is getting low and crawling. For this was mostly mud but when is warm its sort of pleasant since makes you feel cooler. Only precaution is keeping your hands totally clean of mud, dirt sand. Lens is mounted on some sort of ground pod ... I use the Anderson ... and can place a frisbee under the pod to keep the lens form sinking and easier pushing around.

Pregnant grackle?

This is Princess, a female grackle that lives in Joe Overstreet nesting by a double wide trailer. Not sure what is going on but she does look very peculiar :)

Bringing the food !!!!!

Swallow-tailed kite bringing a baby chick to the nest to feed here own. They normally hatch more than one chick but normally the strongest one will kill its sibling. This bird was feeding its chick mostly small iguanas and baby chicks.

Female Osprey Banking

Female osprey returning to the nest.

Gull reaching out

I was trying different shutter speeds for giving the wings a different look. It is mostly luck since there is a huge variation speed wise from flight to flight. This image is straight out of the camera and was used a while back to make a digital creation mixing several images. Here is a link in case you might like to see.

Mating !!!

A pair of Great Egrets mating in the swamp rookery. Lake Martin.

Great Gray Owl

Same bird Fabs posted flying right at me. Tough conditions with very little light and cold. One of the best birds that I photographed Wild and no bait was involved !!! Had the pleasure to shoot with Raymond Barlow and he did big time good on this trip for us !!! Works hard and gets you the birds !!! Thanks Ray !!

Great Gray on the Prowl

From the same shoot as the previous with Ray Barlow. Magnificent bird and one tough animal to get. Very little light and not many second chances. All images were made in one session. Understand the bird stayed for two more days but did not come out much and now she is in a different area. Sure was exciting !!! Wild bird and no bait involved

Short Eared Owl

We also managed this beauty during our last trip, Ray Barlow got us some local help. Kevin Norris and Rodney Brown (which has posted some sweet owl shots recently) found the owl for us. All images were made under heavy overcast, light snow and no light :) They like to come out at the end of the day to look for prey

Harris Hawk (C)

From the raptor center, many birds available and fun to shoot. Very few keepers with difficult conditions and fairly strong snowing making autofocusing difficult . Last day shooting with Ray Barlow and looking forward to another session, sweet place !!!

Juvi Bald Eagle (C)

From the Raptor Center I shot with Raymond Barlow one Juvi eagle screaming its head off. The bird was not agitated or bother by anything just like to scream and seem to be having a blast !!! One sweet looking bird !!

Snowy Owl

One of my favorite birds !!!!

Another image dedication to you know who

Its only fitting to have another dedication to to the negative vote casters, they have been very viciously active lately and should take heart to this one .... although I'proud of this image. This bird looked perfectly normal, went in the bushes to nest and came out looking this way after a few days, We have been unable to determine what happen to the pour thing !!! No idea. Does seem healthy otherwise. Have fun negative people !!!

Great Gray

A Great Gray owl zeroing in on a target to pounce ... and good they are. Bird wild and unbated Had the pleasure of shooting with Raymond Barlow and will be doing so again !!

Checkmate !!!

Great Blue Heron with a fresh caught garfish !! Everglades National Park. Got caught between settings and ISO was more than I wanted, but the D3 works mighty fine !!!

Twin Skimmers

A pair of skimmers fighting over the colony late afternoon.

Snail Kite Landing

Snail kite returning with freshly caught snail

Arial combat !!!

Have posted one similar in the past and my wife has one that made it image of the year in Nature's Best. Have similar from several years. Need heavy overcast conditions to expose + 2 1/3 at least and very strong wind. The birds will jump up in the air and can just hang without effort, sure is fun shooting, just takes a little patience and luck.

BC Night Heron

From Everglades National Park this past weekend. Always a satisfying capture.

Great Gray Owl

From my recent trip to Canada, one of my must exciting and productive trips. Bird is wild, free and no bait was used. Had the pleasure to shoot with Raymond Barlow for this unique experience.

Pintail duck

Pintail banking late afternoon with good light

Glossy Ibis

One bird with beautiful feathers if you can get the quality light. ... btw should have mentioned the flash did not fire .. is all natural light !!!!

Got it !!!!

Amazing what they can eat !!!

End of the day !!!

Pelican landing at the end of the day with soft light. For these I like being able to keep the eye area fairly sharp. The shutter speed will be set according to the distance, angle and speed of the bird. Best setting exposure manually

Flying in breeding plumage

Reddish egret from Little Estero Lagoon in full breeding plumage.

Morning flight

Black Crown Night Heron flying with a pretty flower bg

Mating Dance

From Bosque del Apache a pair of cranes going through their mating ritual.

I'm home Lucy !!!!!

From Blue Cypress Lake in FL, mating sequence about to start. This year lots of birds came late and are just starting to build nests and mate. Also not as many birds and scattered all over the lake. Still plenty of fun and like their intense look !!

Pretty girl !!!!

Female anhinga in full breeding plumage.

Building time

This is one enterprising pelican, don't see many with so much building material ..... I'm sure he got a big reception at the nest !!!! :)

Unhappy Camper !!!!!

Oystercatcher screaming its head off, wet from raining all morning.

Left the car pre-dawn raining, not a pleasant experience. Keeping gear dry takes time and effort ! Use the Hydrophobia for the lens/camera worked perfect.

Don't mess with me !!!!!!

These guys are fierce, Egyptian geese !!! Saw one in a National Geographic issue standing up to a hippo !!! .... maybe they are just not bright :)

Going Down !!!!

Always amazed at these pelicans and their dives !!! Seems lit it would hurt :)

The Foot !!

Fun to do bird body parts once in a while particularly feet !!!

Ibis in gold

Backlit Ibis returning to roost at the end of the day. ... this one image has been hit hard by the dislikers !!! Wish I could say amazing but its the common way.

Egret in Gold

Great egret with a freshly caught little fish, no clue as to the kind but was colorful. Golden reflection from the late afternoon light hitting condos at Little Estero Lagoon

Screaming Tern !!!

A pair of Caspian terns were hanging among the royal terns in Ft DeSoto. This one was screaming its head off !!

Mating Time !!!

These two were going at it for close to four minutes ... really ... and afterwards got a standing ovation from the photographers :)

Mating time

Royal Terns mating on the beach.


Bird Watching !!!

Cape St Mary's Newfoundland. A couple watching the gannets nest and go about their routine.

One for Gilbert Claes !!!

I find lots of inspiration looking at images in this site, excellent work. Gilbert Claes is one of my favorites for the feeling he puts into his images. Always liked doing blurs and now I'm energized by his awesome images. Thanks Gilbert !!! btw blurs can be made in several ways for different effects. Motion following the subject, leaving camera still and subject moves, subject still and you move the camera, change focus while keeping camera still .... limitless possibilities just have to give them some feel !!!

The End

A pelican landed at Anhinga Trail ENP. Normally we don't have any so this must have been a sick bird.... next afternoon he fell while trying to fly away and was eaten by an Alligator. Very sad watching.