I'm sorry officer !!!!

They are all friends and nothing is going on, he just got on one of the micro bikes in between races and is talking with FHP. Did look funny to me as if he was being arrested for speeding :) Sure miss the racing and time behind the scenes.

Warlock Relaxing !!!!!

Warlock does take his relaxing seriously and here he is in on of his favorite poses. He is a registered CFA Russian Blue... and a big time character, one of the sweetest kitties in the universe.... but a terror (at times) to the other two girls !!!!


She was being left out so I had to post her now :) She is a CFA Birman, full name Tatiana Laurant Piccadilly of Biteaheven ... we just call her Tati btw her full brother "Vandal" was the top Birman a few years back and nine in the long hair division overall !! Usually the Persian/Himalayan take up the entire top ten or even twenty !!!!


This is one of my three cats, Angie you have seen and Tatiana will be next. Image was made a few weeks after we got him, he is a CFA Registered Russian Blue .. he complete name is Ghost of a Warlock Blu. :)

Beware of the cat !!!!

Most signs would say "beware of the dog" ... but in this case is definitely cat :) This is one of my three cats a Angie and she is very sweet, just happen to catch her yawning :) Will be posting the other two, a female Blue Point Birman and a male Russian Blue.

Caught in the act !!!!

One of our cats Warlock ... full name Ghost of a Warlock Blue of Memere-Patas :) Stealing one of Fabs shoes. He will fetch objects thrown to him and also steal anything he can carry. Ear rings and hairbands are some of his favorite items !!!


My Blue Point Birman getting ready for a power nap !!! ... they are good at it :)

Birdwatching !!!

Two of my kitties doing some serious birdwatching :)

My street ride

A ZX12-R with a few modifications, lots of carbon fiver parts including carbon/magnesium reams and testing out at the dyno at 174.5 HP .. not bad for light machine ) .. no longer in use :(

At the dyno

My street/drag racing bike being tested at the dyno. Good for checking the horsepower curve an making sure all is fine. This one tested out at 174.7 HP ...mighty fine !!!!

Me and the vultures

At Everglades National Park we get some black vultures in winter :) I wanted to make a head shot of one sneaking on the grass .... but things went wrong and they all started approaching. No clue what they were up to. Image made by my wife and we share copyrights. Btw these birds are very active and playful at times flying into tourist. Also they like biting on the windshield rub rails of cars and succeeded in totally removing one from a Chev Suburban.

Me and the pigeons !!!!

Had some feathered friends hanging around me !!! Taken a couple of years ago !!

Big Time Surfers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... all done in PhotoShop ... all real just a combination of images. Surfer was removed then all else kept, then just add monkey & dog for effect :)

Fishing in the storm

Fly fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas near Spanish Wells during an intense storm. No clue why we stayed out there, just a few minutes after this image was made winds kicked up to 55 mph. There was a tropical depression close by but no danger of a full blown hurricane.

Concern !!!

Bird checking out this person with a look of concern !! Everglades National Park ... Anhinga Trail

The model !!!

One of the resident Cormorants posing for Mike ... we sure work hard to get head shots of these guys :) .... interesting for the past few years we have been getting less and less birds, last year was sort of scary there were so few, hoping for a good year !!! .. this is not the one that was interviewed by the BBC .... its a cousin on the mothers side.

Don't look .. were are being watch

Double crested cormorants waiting to hit the water and find some fish.... at times they are approachable :)

See you later !!!

While doing birds this truck with a pup came by. Thought I had a shot a making a particular image and just got lucky.


From a local rodeo A girl finishing the barrel racing event Used 1/30 sec exp for the blurring effect


This is the inside of a lighthouse looking straight in It is an HDR made up of six images two stops apart

Among the flowers

My wife Fabs photographing flowers, thought I would do something a little different so tried a zoom blur. No PhotoShop involved, all in camera.

Naples Pier

... this one is Naples Florida :) HDR image made right at Sunset using six images and processed in Photomatix.

Get off on the pain !!!!

Watching the PBR is one of my favorite TV activities and also go to local touring events/rodeos. This guy is about to get wiped out by the bull. He left on a stretcher but was fine. Get off on the pain is the them song of the PBR .. if you haven't watch might want to give it a try .. hope you get to see my favorite bull Chicken on a Chain !!!!!

Here come the tourists :)

A double crested cormorant checking out the tourist visiting his home, with great interest.


From the Solomon Island a clownfish with anemone. This is not a night image, just used flash as main and set the aperture to 16 rendering the bg dark. Scanned slide. Aquatica housing, F3, Twin SR-2000 and Nikor 55 with macro port.

This is brutal !!!!!!

I guess you all have tried picking apples out of a water barrel, clean fun ...... but coconuts :) This girl was actually trying !!!! A few more tried but never saw one succeeding :) Also no idea what the reward was !!!

The Royal Monastery of Saint Mary

The monastery was brought to the US from Spain in 1925. Was purchased by William Randolph Hearst. It was not destined for Miami but ended up here a series of complications. A hoof and mouth disease outbreak form its point of origin in Segovia Spain caused a quarantine, unpacking and loosing track of how to put it back together ... it was all in blocks !!! Seven image HDR then converted to monochrome.

Low side Crash

When racing you usually have two type crashes, low side or high side. The low side is relatively gentle and usually will come out fine. The high sides are violent and you are thrown up in the air with not favorable results. Bike slides, lose traction with rear tire the you let go of the throttle grips returns and you go for an arial ride. This rider just lost the front wheel coming into a turn and went down, no harm.

Setting to pass

My favorite sport which can longer participate due not being able to get a medical clearance, sure is fun and a rush. These are two experts going around the infield. btw this was made with one oft the first Canon digital cameras the 30D or 60D probably the slowest and worst focusing ever made .. but still worked ok

Going down at the turn !!!!

An expert rider loosing traction at the turn and going down, no real damage to either. Do miss not being able to participate any more, thrilling sport !!!!

A fun place to shoot !!!!

This is Little Estero Lagoon in Ft Myers Beach Fl Lots of birds in the lagoon and fairly tame :) Lots of people walk up and down the beach and through the lagoon so they get acclimated. This is Fabs setting up for a shot with a reddish egret in front and a spoon flying by !!! .. just a fun image hope you like it.

Tall ship into the storm

An old sailboat heading into a storm at sunset.

Role Reversal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past Sunday we had an HDR class at Jimbo's in Key Biscayne and ran into Jamaican Paul a true life character. We usually take pictures of him but this time he wanted to take one of Fabs .... he did great. ..btw he gave me one tip about photography and had to do with wrapping the camera strap around your wrist ... he said if we see a flying saucer and you bump me to take the picture and the camera falls ..... I just replied if we see a flying saucer we probably are feeling no pain so it would not mater if the camera fell ... big roar from Paul !!!!

Warlock !!

My Russian Blue Warlock posing by the window

Yes Boss !!!!!

A female lab on a boat in the Fl Keys


Performers from Mangos at South Beach, Miami Beach Fl