Cricket with peach bg

Assassin bug with kill

Canon IDMk3 180 macro 1.4X (2) 50mm extension tubes f 16 1/180 sec ISO 1600

Spider !!!

Playing with flash and working on a spider on web.

Fly in pink

Canon 1DMk3 180 macro 1.4X (2) 25mm tubes f 5.6 1/320 sec ISO 400 Canon twin macro light

Fly and the bubble !!

Trying to upload some macro images for the portfolio since I'm overloaded with birds. :) This was a cooperative fly :) Used two 25mm extension tubes plus extender !!

Bee and flower

A bee feeding with a framing bg oof flower.

Water Lily

Not sure what type but is some form of water lily. Image made in full shade on a sunny day. Don't have the tech details but it was made with a 180 macro.

Dragonfly & Chihuly

Lined up the dragonfly with some of Dale Chihuly's artwork floating in a pond.

Flower for Daniela !!!

Got you a flower Daniela :) Sure enjoy photographing them any time I get a chance to and my wife Fabs is really good at it, always comes up with something different and amazing. For flowers and macro we generally set up diffusers rather than lights although we do make use of the Canon Twin macro lights.

Leaffooted bug

From Fairchild Gardens in Miami a leaffooted bug Teaching a class so only took my point and shoot G10 :)

Spider !!!

Again walking around with the Canon G10 during a workshop found this good looking insect. Used a light diffuser over the built in flash for more even lighting. Do get to see the little camera a lot and does produce great image quality. About the only downside is the noise if high ISO is needed ... meaning anything over 100 but can be cleaned up fairly well.

I'm trying to hide !!!!

While snooping around for macro images found this molting lizard. Think it was a bit embarrassed by its present appearance ... it was a sorry sight !!! :)

Mostly Pink !!!

Besides birds do like doing flowers and abstracts. Relaxing and satisfying !!