Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge before sunrise

Charles Bridge from shore

A view of the bridge from the swan gathering area an hour after sunset.


Locks at a bridge representing bond

Outdoor dining

Taxi !!!!

Walking around Edinburgh found this taxi waiting for customers. From the film days a scanned slide.

The market

Lady selling vegetables at a market, don't remember the name but it was during a stop along the Volga River. Prefocus and did not use viewfinder, from close to waist level.

Red Square

Probably the most impressive place that I have been, does have an electrifying effect when entering. Gave me a stronger punch than the pyramids !!! This image was taken during the 850th Anniversary.

Cairo traffic !!!!!!

Traffic in the city can be and usually is brutal !! Never seen anything like it before or after !!! ... and btw did not witness any traffic accidents !! Leica M6 Fuji RDP 50 Summicron.

Another Dedication !!!

Another dedicated to the anonymous negative vote casters, you guys are something else. Don't really care anymore but still feel like honoring you once in a while. This is from cemetery in Skagway Alaska, final resting place of Soapy Smith. He was quite a character, got his name from swapping payoff money with soap .. to weigh the case down. Finally was apprehended and executed. His tomb is to the left of this one. Kodax Tri-X

Khan el-Khalili

Walking around the market, one fine place to photograph. Wishing to go back !!! Scanned slide.

T-Shirt stand Moscow

A T-Shirt stan in Moscow Scanned film

St Basil's

Taken form the street with Red Square being behind. One of the most impressive sight I have ever seen. Made during the 850th anniversary.

Gypsy Kid

On a trip to Turkey we stopped at a Gypsy camp and got to walk around for a look. This kid was inside a tent. People were ducking in to take a peak, image made with a Leica rangefinder estimating the distance and exposure, not looking through the viewfinder. Was very pleased after seeing the slide back.

A glance !!

From one of the towns along the Nile. Leica M6 90mm Summarit

The Artist

From my trip to Russia a girl sketching a building for later work. Scanned slide

Back to the boat

Passengers returning to the Crew Ship at the end of the stay. I think its from Skagway Alaska. Scanned film.

Early morning boat ride

On the way to Machias Island on the US/Canada border one foggy morning. Ride is two hours with no assurance you will be able to get out of the boat onto the island. You transfer from this boat to a smaller boat and try. The sea can be calmed as this morning but at the island swells might prevent you from landing. Will post one after this one which will give you an idea ... right down dangerous. .... but if you get to land will be worth it. Get to go into a blind with puffins all around you, neat experience. Have made several trips and only landed once.

Sunset Time !!!

This is one image not a composite. Had seen the sailboat approaching and was hoping for some bird to get in the way. Image is full frame and only crop for proportion .... the bird was luck plus a few pieces of bread :)

Just resting

Besides enjoying colorful birds and nature I do like making B&W images. Street photography being my favorite. This image is from Morocco.