James Bond Wreck

This boat was sunk intentionally for the use in Never Say Never movie and later also used for the last Jaws movie. Next to this wreck is the one used for Thunderbolt. The Avro Vulcan Bomber used was made up of wood and since disintegrated but the framework and landing wheels still there. The are located on Nassau Island in the Bahamas, shallow water and easy accessible.

Stingray City

Always wanted to do a decent image like this one but only got to try one if there was any film in the camera, limited to 36 :) Action below hot and heave so unusual to have a frame left. This is with a full frame fish-eye inside a housing with a dome port.

Bond Wreck

Inside of the Bond wreck. This is the upper part of the boat, lots of places to explore below.

Feed me !!!!

A popular diving destination in the Caribbean is Cayman Island. On the north coast of the island one of the most fun sites is Stingray City. Water is shallow, very clear on incoming tides and lots cooperative rays. Apparently fishermen anchored their boats in that area, its just inside a reef, and cleaned their catch throwing all the leftovers overboard. Rays came in to feed and divers found out about it. Plenty of fish on the dive boats to feed then:) The must fun is to stick a couple of fish inside your full body lycra dive suit and jump in. They actually hug you tight and occasionally will give you a little love bite .. painful but rewarding :) .. all my diving pictures are from my film days.

Why won't this start up !!!!!

Looks like a futile effort to get that moped started but no harm in trying :)

Blowfish Incident

Blowfishes are common on night dives and easy grabbed. Once you get one it will puff like a basketball and stay. No harm done to the fish which will deflate and swim away after being let go. Not sure what their state of mind could be in !!! Ikelite UW 150 Strobe

Tomatoe Clown

One of my favorite to photograph, from the Solomon Islands. Scanned film Aquatica housing with macro port twin SR 2000 strobes

I see you !!!!

From my underwater photography days a Nassau Grouper with a school of minnows in the background peaking out of a hole. This is a scanned film, never had the chance to dive with a digital camera. Manual exposure, focusing and flash..... keepers were difficult and only thirty six images per dive :) Nikonos 3 with a 15 UW Nikkor and Ikelight 150 strobe

Say Cheese

From the UW days .. scanned film. A good friend of mine Marty Snyderman trying to get a Nassau grouper to cooperate :) Image from Little Cayman Island.

Oh He Got Me !!!!

Another from the film days and one of the most fun images. You lay flat on the bottom waiting for one to pop from a pre selected area to have the two flashes set manually and approximate focus (manual). Frustrating since they were difficult to get and some dives did not produce a single keeper. This was shot with an Aquatica housing, F3 and twin SR-2000 strobes ... Just like the set up one a previous with diver and fish. Sure miss the UW and tempted to go back down again :)

Up Close

Most of these fishes sleep at night and are easy to get. At times you can gently pick them up and place them back. Scanned slide.

Queen Triggerfish

From the Cayman Island a Queen Trigger from a night dive. This had tried many but first one that was able to get sharp, manual focus at night uw :)

George the eel !!

Green moray eels look sort of evil and dangerous but are quite tame and non aggressive. This particular eel is named George and got habituated to being fed by the dive boat operators at Pennekamp State Park ... a very bad idea. Would lunge out at divers expecting food. ... danger being novice divers panic and bolt to the surface probably not exhaling which could lead to an air embolism. Scanned slide, Nikon F3 in Aquatica housing and twin SR-2000 strobes

Say Ahhhhh !!!!

A Coney Grouper in its best looking color, they have two other color faces one being brownish not very attractive. Image made during day dive using flash as main to underexpose the bg stopping down to f22 and giving myself a better chance in sharpness. Image was manually focused and exposed. Scanned film. Aquatica Housing with macro port was used. No feeding