Bear Clamming

From Lake Clark in Alaska, bears take to the mud flats looking for clams. This one was very efficient digging them opening with only pushing he clam forward and eating it all in one motion. Always peculiar light for these guys but fun to watch even without making an exposure.

Arctic Fox Pup in Flowers

Arctic pup taking nap among the flowers sheltering form the strong wind.

Arctic Fox Pup

An arctic fox pup running down a dirt road. St Paul Island in the Pribilofs. Great place to shoot but lucky if you get a couple of good days in one week, brutal weather.

Tha Bear !!!!!

Remembering the famous or infamous Saturday Night bit on Tha Bears .. went on for some time and was quite popular. This one is one female from Lake Clark on her way to do some clamming with the cubs.

Dedicated to the negative vote casters

Just posted an image and saw it slide down in points with negative votes in seconds. I think it is insulting on the part of management to allow this behavior to continue, so simple to solve. Fully understand its their site and can do anything they wish and we can not dictate changes. Will only post snapshots since anything posted will be trashed. .... do you know the difference between a negative vote caster and a catfish? ... one is a scum sucking bottom dweller and the other is just a fish ....


Coyote leaping after its next meal Yellowstone National Park


From Jackson Wyoming during the winter, heavy snow falling and cold. Very little light .. used ISO 3200 on a Mk4


Taken just outside Yellowstone National Park during a cold February day.

Big Horn Ram

Canon 1DMk3 100-400 IS f 8.0 1/500 sec ISO 800

Mating Season

Male moose senting the air close to a group of females Jackson Wy area Canon Mk3 100-400 IS

Alli up close !!!

Alligators in general are not aggressive except during mating season and are even more docile with cold temperatures. Got him/her coming out of the water for some sunning and was quite contempt in letting me take his picture up close and personal from ground level. It was very close :)

Looking at you !!!!

Captive Orangutan from Miami Metro Zoo Just staring back at the visitors !!!

Alligator at Sunset

Natural no color added, shot against the setting sun at Ahinga Trail ENP

I see you !!!!

Fun watching these guys planing in the surf at hyper speed then go on to the beach and stay still for hours.

Stingray City

Always wanted to do a decent image like this one but only got to try one if there was any film in the camera, limited to 36 :) Action below hot and heave so unusual to have a frame left. This is with a full frame fish-eye inside a housing with a dome port.

Looking for me !!

After a day of doing birds found this squirrel and allowed me to get on the grass and make a couple, just a fun image.

Arctic Fox Kit

The little kit was playing on the beach with mother and siblings. Took a break and decided to check me out laying on the sand. You can watch them for hours.

Image made in St Paul Island Ak, tough weather conditions everyday !!

On the Beach !!!

Interacting seals on the beach, fun to watch !!

Wildlife with iPhone

Not one of the smartest things I've seen doing wildlife photography but she got away with it !!! Two bulls and five cows walked within feet ! Maybe the extra low temps had something to do with it? About 40 below !